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Align Technology booth at the American Association of Orthodontists annual meeting in New Orleans.

Was an exciting weekend to present to orthodontic colleagues about CBCT integration with Invisalign for interdisciplinary diagnosis and treatment planning of complex cases. @aligntechinc @invisalign

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Orthodontic space management for implant site development with Invisalign clear aligners in only 9 months.
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Correction of Cl II malocclusion and improving the alignment of the smile with a Carriere appliance and Invisalign clear aligners in less than a year!
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To my friends and colleagues, please come see me at the AAO Annual Session in New Orleans and experience the interactive innovation zones at the ALIGN booth 2707. I will talk about CBCT integration for interdisciplinary diagnosis and treatment planning of complex cases.

For the full Align booth agenda, visit:

 #Invisalign #itero

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Phase 1 orthodontic treatment with palatal expansion and partial braces. The main objective of this interceptive treatment was increasing the size of the upper jaw and indirect guided tooth eruption to prevent impaction of permanent canines.
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Correction of open bite with habit breaking appliance and braces in 15 months.
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from ART Orthodontics!

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Happy Holidays from ART Orthodontics team! We wish everyone a healthy and joyful holiday season.

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